Time/Energy Objects


The Art & Science Laboratory is pleased to announce Time/Energy Objects, Iris prints by Woody Vasulka, presented at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's Education Annex, 123 Grant Avenue (next to Riva Yares Gallery) on Friday, December 21 from 5 - 7pm and Saturday, December 22 from 2 - 5pm.  Gene Youngblood, Professor at the College of Santa Fe Moving Image Department will introduce this unique and particular work of Woody Vasulka's at 5:30 pm on Friday. David Dunn, Composer and President of the Art and Science Laboratory, will present his most recent composition, Errant Light, throughout the exhibit as well.

Iris prints by Woody Vasulka and errant light by david dunn

21-22 December 2001, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's Education Annex