ASL Conference


Susanna Carlisle, Tom Caudell, Jim Coker, Jim Crutchfield, David Dunn, Danae Falliers, Russ

Gritzo, Bruce Hamilton, Steven Miller, Ed Puckett, Peter Sarkisian, Steina, David Stout, Woody

Vasulka, are invited to participate in a local one day conference on software and digital art

materials. We want to hold the conference on a Saturday, March 3rd at our new location off

Rodeo Road.

While the conference is intended as an informal sharing of recent activities and materials, it is

also an opportunity to hold open discussions that might foster a larger sense of collaboration

and/or community. Not everyone who is invited is expected to do a specific presentation but we

are open to any and all ideas. Observer status is also fine.


Digital Arts in New Mexico

3 March 2002, Presented by the Art and Science Laboratory, Rodeo Road, Santa Fe